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DielettrikGlass SMC UP GM 203 HM 2471

DIELETTRIKGLASS SMC (HM 2471 - UPM203) is a polyester resin with a reinforcement of chopped glass fiber. This material more and more replace standard Gpo3, have similar property at more cheap price. Excellent mechanical and electrical property, DielettrikGlass-SMC is UL94V0 and is in conformity to AFNOR NF16-101 property and UL recognized. It’s very easy to…

GPO-3 UPGM203 Polyester Glass Mat Laminate Sheet DielettrikGlass

DIELETTRIKGLASS GPO-3 is a fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester material. It is available in sheet form as well as a wide selection of channel, angle, and tube sizes. These materials are the industry standard for flame and arc/ track resistant electrical insulation. In addition, the excellent combination of high strength, flame resistance, and low smoke generation…