Portfolio Category: Rods

Phenolic cotton Rods made by HGW2082 HGW2083

Phenolic cotton rods are made by CNC machine or rolled and press on special mould. Can be supplied in cotton HGW2082, HGW2083, F, FF and are available from 4 mm up to 150 mm in length 1000 mm. As all CNC pieces we can supply as customer prefer, standard or made by drawing.

Epoxy glass Rods made by G11, FR4, G10, FR5

Epoxy glass rods are made by boards mill or with rolled and press pre-preg material. Available in diameter from 4 mm to 150 mm in length 1000 - 1250 - 2000 mm or cut in different sizes. Made by FR4 - G11 - FR5 - G10 - HGW2372 - EPGC203